About Us

Plant & Animals Welfare Society – Mumbai (PAWS-Mumbai) is an independently registered Non-Government Organisation (NGO) founded in 2002 by like-minded youth who love to work in the field of animal welfare and environment protection under the leadership of young animal lover & environment friend Sunish Subramanian Kunju. The youth believed that their consistent efforts at grass-root level would be able to bring about a change on the two fronts. Over the years we have raised several pertinent issues concerning the environment and animals.

The journey of PAWS-Mumbai was started many years ago by helping local stray animals in central suburb of Mumbai that were ungraciously used in harrowing conditions, left to die on roadsides, full of maggot-wounds & weak due to starvation. On 14th May 2002, a few youngsters decided that they needed to effect a change, so they made the organization PAWS-Mumbai. Initially, we started our activities after our hard day’s work is not enough. “At night, we use to roam around walking or on our bikes with First Aid Kit, looking to treat maggot infected animals, we started making friendship by feeding stray and give first aid to injured one. If not possible for us, then we would have to transport them in auto rickshaws in order to get them to animal hospitals.

By seeing our hard work in 2005, we received an ambulance from Shilodaya Investment & Finance Pvt. Ltd. and in 2007 we received our second ambulance from Datar Power Management Pvt. Ltd. With this fleet of ambulances, we attended calls especially for wildlife rescue, to help forest department in transporting rescue wildlife and attend local animal distress calls. PAWS-Mumbai’s USP lies in the fact that it is only group in Mumbai run by the youth that works especially to help the cause of wildlife rescue. Incidentally, PAWS-Mumbai also helps rehabilitate wildlife, with the assistance of the wildlife department. This is especially important in a city like Mumbai where large numbers of areas are being developed every day, leaving little or no green cover for snakes and other wildlife that are common visitors to residential areas. PAWS-Mumbai Wildlife Rescue Team attends rescue calls and educates residents about snakes, most of whom are non-poisonous and not a danger to people. PAWS-Mumbai also runs an ambulance service for stray dogs and to rescue wildlife.

Working in a city like Mumbai is tough work and the PAWS-Mumbai team tries to be on the ball in every possible way. Every year, the team helps, saves, rescues and rehabilitates more than 1,000 animals. In addition to this, PAWS-Mumbai also organises tree plantation drives and has taken up cudgels on behalf of those protesting illegal tree cutting in Mumbai, which is sometimes carried out by residents and even the authorities at times.

As PAWS-Mumbai doesn't have a shelter where they can house and help injured animals, most volunteers take the animal victims home and treat them or send them to the nearest shelter or hospital. PAWS-Mumbai and our band of little volunteers is only NGO who have entered / feature in most of the nation, world records, have also received several letters of appreciation and awards for their work.

The organization not only enjoys the support of celebrities but has also taken active part in activities conducted by PAWS-Mumbai.

The organization grew strength to strength culminating in a successful society truly devoted to their chosen mission and vision.


“ Together we can & we will make a difference ”

Registered Under

  • Society Reg. Act, 1860 No.: Maharashtra State, Mumbai 1309/2002 G.B.B.S.D.
  • Public Trust Reg. Act, 1950 No.: F-24894 (Mumbai)
  • 12A(a) of Income Tax Act, 1961 No.: INS-37488
  • Govt. of India, Income Tax Department Permanent Account No.: AAATP8558J
  • Donation exempt u/s. 80G of Income Tax Act. 1961
  • Recognized by : Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India
  • Affiliated with : World Animal Net Directory, U.S.A. & International Organization for Animal Protection (OIPA), Itally