Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is essential in conserving local wildlife populations and is critical in sustaining the balance of nature and countering multiple manmade threats that are so recurrent in a city. Rescue and rehabilitation translated mean the science of treating and providing temporary care for injured or displaced wildlife and the subsequent return of healthy individuals to appropriate habitats. Till date, the PAWS – Mumbai rescue team has rescued many snakes, parrots, mongoose, monitor lizards, muniyas, kites, owls and other wildlife found in the residential areas, treated them and thereafter released them back into the wild. All this work has been acknowledged and backed by the city’s wildlife department. Keeping watch on wildlife trade & organizing raids.

Human Education / Awareness

With the help of mediums like video screening, live talks and interaction, awareness event by involving student’s volunteers in public place like gardens, outside school / colleges, and roadsides, the PAWS-Mumbai tries to create awareness about animal welfare and inform the public about animal laws and issues related to it. PAWS – Mumbai strongly feels that humane education is essential if the condition of animals has to improve.
PAWS-Mumbai believes in making children compassionate citizens of tomorrow. An awareness that animals are to be loved and cared because they are the part of the same world where we belong is an important learning that PAWS-Mumbai imparts to little children who are the part of our movement as student members or at various schools. These humane education programs go a long way to bring about change in the way we treat our animals.

Adoptions & Re-homing

Innumerable homeless and abandoned animals have been re-homed through PAWS-Mumbai adoption programme. Adoption is done only after rigorous interviews by Animal Welfare Officer.
Anyone can joint PAWS-Mumbai community site adoption group named Adoption Update just by clicking this link and upload the photographs with its detail and contact person name, email id., phone or mobile number.

Legal Issues & Cruelty Cases

Members of the PAWS – Mumbai team and Honorary Animal Welfare Officers also investigate cruelty cases, which include rescue calls. PAWS – Mumbai also initiate action against people inflicting cruelty on animals.
PAWS-Mumbai also inspect circuses and zoos and its inspection Reports are thereafter sent to the respective authorities for further investigation and this reports are made public because we at PAWS-Mumbai strongly believe that as they are run by our public funds and its time we citizen should act on such issues. Visit :

First Aid for Strays

PAWS – Mumbai trustees and volunteers personally pound the pavements treating injured animals. Almost every evening and after work hours, PAWS - Mumbai volunteers go seeking out sick, injured animals on the road and give them needed first aid. At times, the volunteers forward cases to the veterinarians or take them to nearest hospital by ambulance; in past we use to take them by bike or a hired vehicle. There have also been instances where members of the group have treated and removed maggots from the animals like dogs, cats and cows.

Ambulance Service *

PAWS-Mumbai as two ambulances to help city animals in distress, one of it is run to attend (take) accident, wounded, ill stray animals calls to the nearest clinic or to the hospital. And other one is especially use for wildlife rescue found in city limit and we also provide our ambulance to wildlife department for transport of rescued wildlife during raids.

* Condition Applicable :

Ambulance service is available between Monday to Friday / 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM only with a nominal cost. Saturday & Sunday’s are off. We do not provide any emergency service.

Vaccination for Strays

As everybody know that Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has stopped killing dogs. Unfortunately, they have done little to assist in the Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme for street dogs. The PAWS–Mumbai team conducts vaccination camps for stray dogs and cats so that they are immunized against rabies. These animals are also de-wormed on a regular basis.

Help & Co-ordinate with Other Like Minded NGOs

PAWS – Mumbai aims at helping and co-ordinating activities with other like-minded NGO’s so that it can reach out to more animals. At PAWS–Mumbai, we sincerely feel that the animal welfare movement should grow and in keeping with our mission, ‘together we can and we will make a difference’ will happen only when we co-ordinate our activities with other like minded NGOs.

Tree Plantation & Illegal Tree Cutting Issue

PAWS-Mumbai also undertakes tree plantation drives and takes up cudgels on the behalf of those who oppose tree cutting. For example, if someone complains about illegal tree cutting in their neighborhood, we follow up the complaint with an investigation and also inform the local Police and BMC authorities about the misdemeanor.

Sparrow Conservation Mission – SCM

In August 12, 2008 PAWS-Mumbai team under the supervision of Sunish Subramanian Kunju have first to expose the trade of house Sparrow at Crawford Market in Mumbai. It turned out to be one of the India’s biggest illegal animal selling market and it also solved one of the mystery behind the missing sparrows in Mumbai.

As per hakims in Bhendi Bazar and Pydhonie in Mumbai, sparrow meat mixed another herb seems to be increasing the male sex drive. Sparrow meat is being used as an aphrodisiac since the Mughal era and this therapy still continues. If you go to any hakim shop in Pydhonie in Mumbai and ask for an aphrodisiac, he will ask you to purchase a fleshy male sparrow from Crawford Market in order to prepare a mixture with the meat and other herbs to enhance the male sex drive. Their after PAWS-Mumbai launched “Sparrow Conservation Mission”.

PAWS-Mumbai initiated Sparrow Conservation Mission under the supervision of Sunish Subramanian Kunju, after studying that all major developing cities from worldwide are witnessing the decline in the count of sparrow population. Once this little sparrow lovely chirping voice was the morning alarm for all of us, but now it had been replaced by electrical bells. What is the reason behind it? We human destroyed the habitat of them under the name of beautification or development; we replaced our old type home into buildings & skyscrapers, small shops into mall & shopping centers, cut trees for widening of road or making parking place, due to which sparrows lost their everything that is home (nest), food as well as the place where they use to play and we use to enjoy their movements. And other reason is the mobile towers which release microwave radiation, it not only affect this little sparrow but also our health too.

PAWS-Mumbai and its band of young volunteers have designed an artificial nest, which is made up of recycled wood and named it as “My Sparrow Home”, Ideally, food should be provided to birds, but in winter and summer, the birds need our helping hands more as their natural food and water sources decrease. Feeding birds in My Sparrow Feeder helps in maintaining hygiene, avoids wastage of grains, and helps birds get a continuous source of food all the year. And My Water Bowl to provide clean water to them, as it is very important for them.

Since 2011, as part of Sparrow Conservation Mission, PAWS-Mumbai team under the supervision of Sunish Subramanian Kunju celebrates 20th March as WORLD SPARROW DAY – INDIA and organise various events like sparrow drawing, poem and story writing competition for school students and sparrow photography competition for photo journalist, nature photographers and citizens to spread awareness about the drastic decline in the number of sparrows over the years. The winners of the various competition were awarded with PAWS-Mumbai Award which is powered by iCONGO Karmaveer Chakra and in these event more 1000 students, youths and common citizen take part every year from different states of India, this event is supported by various national and international record agencies and also by NGO’s.

PAWS-Mumbai believes that such events will sensitise children about the sparrow and its fight for survival, when a student will draw the image or write a story / poem of the sparrow, they will be prompted to research on the bird. Along with him/her, their parents and teachers will also understand about the gravity of the issue.

PAWS-Mumbai also salutes the individual who have been actively involved in sparrow conservation work by honoring with Sparrow Friend Award. Other events like artificial nest box, feeder and water bowl adoption camps and launching of awareness posters are been organised.

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