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Message from founderís desk

Sunish Subramanian Kunju
+91 9892179542

Dear Friends & Supporters of PAWS-Mumbai,

God Is Great !

God cannot be everywhere, hence he made Mothers. Mothers cannot be everywhere, thatís why God took a pause & Ö Made PAWS-Mumbai !

PAWS-Mumbai is an acronym for Plant & Animals Welfare Society Ė Mumbai. It, for starters, it offers Motherly love & affection to all the animals & birds alike!

My fascination for the wildlife began much before I learnt to say ABCD. Amidst my childhood days, I learnt that, the freedom of the wildlife got translated into my happiness, something that my folks didnít buy; (only initially, thought!). Eventually, when I came across like-minded people, I happened to meet Smt. Maneka Gandhi, quite incidentally.

During my childhood, I encountered a death of a parrot that was attacked by a pack of crows, only due to the lack of a veterinary clinic in our locality! Thatís how & when PAWS-Mumbai was born with one sole aim & intention of total freedom for the animals and I strive to achieve that, by involving youth & student in to my movement. Strange & shocking it my sound, but the fact remains that Iíve never learnt or trained to rescue or treat animals.

My only inspiration & my role model was (is & will be) that late animal rescuer Steve Irwin. Gradually, when my work started to be known far & wide, the Animal Welfare Board of India (Govt. of India) honoured me & my incessant works by appointing me as their Hony. Animal Welfare Officer and recently I was appointed as Hony. Animal Welfare Officer by Committee to Monitor Animal Welfare Laws in Maharashtra (Appointed by Bombay High Court). By observing my snake rescue work, Maharashtra State Government Forest department have appointed me as a Snake Friend and I was among 20 people from Maharashtra who were appointed as Snake Friend in March 2009.

PAWS-Mumbai, till yesterday was a dream waiting to be fulfilled, completed & accomplished, but today, the scene has changed totally. Due to the constant support from our well-wishers and the media, PAWS-Mumbai has today become a force to reckon with!

Our future plans include setup a small centre cum clinic, where we can keep, treat and take care of injured birds & animals, especially for wildlife, as now we use to keep it in our homes, to say the least. So please help us to help animals and to save our environment for future generation.

Yours friend for voiceless

Sunish Subramanian Kunju