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Mar 25, 2014 · close water cock and steam cock of gauge glass and open the drain; open the steam cock a strong jet of steam should be seen from the drain after that close the steam cock; open the water cock a strong jet of water should be seen from the drain after that close the water cock and drain; open the water cock water will rise in the gauge above normal level

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Liquid Level Gauge ("sight glass" in old boiler terminology) A liquid level gauge is an instrument that is used to monitor the fluid level in a tank or vessel. In old boiler related jargon, this unit had traditionally been referred to as sight glass.

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Reflex level gauge; Transparent level gauge; Magnetic type level gauge; Reflex level gauge: Reflex glass level gauges working principle is based on the light refraction and reflection laws. Reflex glass level gauges use glasses having the face fitted towards the chamber shaped to have prismatic grooves with section angle of 90°. When in operation, the chamber is filled with liquid in the lower part and gases or vapors in the upper part.

Testing gauge glass and water column,Precautions to be taken

Water should then gradually rise up to the top of the gauge glass. (6) Open the steam cock (B) and the water in the glass should fall to the level of the water in the boiler. - If when (5) is reached the water cock is opened and water does not flow up the gauge glass, the water level in the boiler is below the water cock connection to the boiler and it is unsafe to put feed water into the boiler.

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with a water gage glass. The use of a magnetic type level indicator has a Code limit of 900 PSI (6 MPa). Furthermore, when two remote indicators are in service, the gage glass may be isolated, but must be kept in good working condition. Gage glasses are often used to confirm the actual water level in the drum and for comparison

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Tubular gauge glass is used in boiler and tanks. The heavy wall tubular gauge glass is suitable for high pressure boilers and tanks. Some tubular gauge glass tubes have a red line to make the liquid level clear for reading.

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Oct 13, 2015 · The two main types are water tube and fire tube. What is the boiler mounting ? It is directly fitted to the boiler shell. They are: Safety valve; Main steam stop valve; Air vent cock; Two gauge glass level indicators; Feed check valve; Scum blow down valve; Bottom blow down valve; Salinity cock or test cock; Man hole doors.

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How to use water level gauges. Depending upon the boiler operating pressure, one of two basically different types of water level gauge will be fitted. For boiler pressures up to a maximum of 17 bar a round glass tube type of water level gauge is used. The glass tube is connected to the boiler shell by cocks and pipes, as shown in Figure .

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Reliance® Prismatic (Reflex) Water Gage Glasses. Typical Prismatic Gage applications include installation on boiler drums, feedwater heaters, deaerators, and other tanks. Quality Materials Clark-Reliance Prismatic Gages feature quality materials and reliable design. Gage glass is of the highest quality borosilicate glass,

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Depending on the operating pressure of the boiler there are mainly two types of water gauges. Round glass tube type. This type of gauges are used for boilers having a maximum working pressure of 17 bar. Construction. The gauge consists of a glass tube, which is connected to the boiler shell with the help of cocks and pipes.

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Tubular Gage Glass & Gauge Glass Accessories | Boiler Supplies. Benefits: Permit stable and reliable operation while viewing oil, water or gas flow rates. Notice: Due to the uncontrollable metal costs, all prices and delivery times are subject to change on a daily basis.

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Modern high capacity boilers are of water tube type. The boiler circulation system is constructed of tubes, headers, and drums joined in arrangement that provide water flow to generate steam. Water tubes have high pressures and capacity than shell tube boilers. These boilers can be of single- or multiple-drum type.

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Boiler systems also use a more specialized type of sight glass, called boiler sight glass, to monitor the pressure within. Industries that utilize heat or heat transfer make use of sight glasses as well; many of the heating systems in these applications contain a viewport or sight port to ensure the system is functioning properly.

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Since every vessel is only as strong as its weakest part, it is essential to ensure that your flat gauge glass is as strong as the rest of the vessel that won't buckle under pressure. Gage Glass supplies flat gauge glasses made from borosilicate glass that are crafted to hold up in even the toughest conditions.

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Marine Boiler must have at least two water level indicator (gauge glass) according to department of trade. Gauge glass is nothing but a water level indicator. It’s top side is in steam side of boiler and bottom side is in water side. Both side pressure equalizes and indicates the correct level.

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The various types of gauge glass are: Tubular, used for pressures of up to 250 psi and displaying the meniscuses (water levels). Prismatic, or reflex, used for pressures of up to 350 psi and appearing black below a meniscus and white above a meniscus.

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Steam boiler use water level indication to detect the water level in steam drum. Steam drum usually uses gauge glass as its indicator. A lot of rules determine to use and arrange two gauge glasses especially for steam boiler which has maximum allowable working pressure above 400 psi or above 28 bar to reduce possibility of breakage which can cause the operator in danger.

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If the steam valve to the gauge glass is closed or the top one is clogged, the gauges glass will be ___. A scotch marine boiler is a ___ boiler. According to ASME code, a boiler that has more than ___ sq ft of heating surface must have two or more safety valves.

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Glass gauges must be connected with minimum _____, one valve at the top and one valve at the bottom of the gauge glass so removal/replacement is possible while the boiler is under pressure and have a minimum____ blow down valve preferably with piping directing discharge away from the operator.

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Boiler water-level– The first duty when taking over a boiler-room shift is to make certain the pipe, fittings and valves . between the water glass and boiler are free and open by blowing down the water column and water glass and noting the promptness of the return of water to the glass. The most important rule

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Testing gauge glass and water column,Precautions to be taken

- If when the water cock has been opened the water flows to the top of the gauge glass and then when the steam cock is opened the water flows down and out of the glass, the water level is between the water cock connection to the boiler and the bottom of the gauge glass. In this case it is safe to put feed water into the boiler.

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The code requires a functional water gage glass on all boilers, and it must be in service at all times on applications operating up to 400 psig. A gage glass is the only type of direct-reading

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Flat Gauge Glass. Type A, Plain is designed for moderate pressure steam boilers and for liquid level indicators. Type A, High Pressure will take non-steam pressure up to 5000 psi. Type B, Reflex is made for extra ease in locating liquid levels. This gauge glass has vertical prisms extending the full viewing length of the glass.

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Understanding the Use of Magnetic Level Gages and ASME Code Compliance on Power Boiler Applications Visible Range Low Vision must be at least 2" above Level A Boiler Drum 6 2 1 7 4 3 4 5 Level (This is Level A as determined by the boiler manufacturer) 3 Level A Figure 1: Illustration to establish the proper limits for a Gage Glass * * * *

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The Gauge Glass is fitted to your boiler's gauge frame to allow the boiler water level to be seen. This clear glass gauge is 12 in. x 5/8 in. The orifices and glass will develop lime over time and need preventative maintenance cleaning or replacement. Replacement glass gauge can be cut to fit.

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Level gauges are is available in various types of different materials like plate glass, glass tube or reflex plate glass depending upon the use. They can be prepared from the glass tubes as they are employed for boiler applications. Some of the major types of level gauges may include magnetic level gauges, transparent level gauges, reflex level gauges and bi-color gauges.

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Round Boiler Gauges, MNPT, 1/2" display both the temperature and pressure of the water in a boiler. They measure water pressure in psi and kPa and temperature in °F and °C. Each features steel gauge case material for durability and copper wetted parts for corrosion resistance.

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Clear or Red-Line Gauge Glass. Heavy Duty Wall *Recommended up to 600 PSI. Made in lengths up to 48″ Outside diameters: 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, or 1″ PYREX ® Tubing. For all types of oil cups, lubricators, etc. Ends ground square. Made in lengths up to 48″


2.4 Gauge glass and water column. The purpose of the gauge glass is to show level of the water inside the boiler. The bottom of the glass must be atleast 3 inch above the tubes. The passage leading glass can be approving clear by taking this step: 1.

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Tubular Gauge Glass. Boiler gauges are the tools that help keep you clued in to your boiler’s performance. Boiler gauges help judge conditions and work in tandem with other important boiler tools and instruments to help keep your boiler system operating safely.

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There must be two independent means of determining the water level, one of which must be a direct reading gauge glass. The other is usually a remote reading gauge in the control room which should regularly be compared with the boiler gauge glass. Procedure for Blow Through Boiler Gauge Glass. Close off cocks ‘S’ and ‘W’ and open drain

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Liquid Level Sight Gauges & Water Gauges | Boiler Supplies. Kenco Liquid Level Gauges Safeguard Glass Protection Series. A water Gauge/Gage is a device that allows you to measure the liquid level in a vessel to be Visually inspected. Water Gauges /Gages are required by ASME boiler and pressure code on steam boilers,

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If possible, the blow down valves should be piped on the same side of the boiler as the water column gauge glass. To blow down the boiler: Open the quick opening valve (valve closest to the boiler) first. Open the slow opening valve last. Blow down the boiler for the required amount of time, per your water management consultant, by opening and then closing the slow opening valve. '''Remember''': Pay close attention to the water level in the gauge glass.

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used to protect the glass. BONETTI transparent level gauges (Fig. 702 and 703) Working principle: Apart from glass tube level gauges, transparent level gauges are always fitted with two plate transparent glasses between which the fluid is contained. The fluid level is indicated as the result of the dif -