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Available in outputs of 24kW, 30kW and 35kW.The Logic+ range has become renowned for its reliability thanks to industry leading development and proven components, such as the Grundfos pump and Kromschroder PCB which in turn have helped the range win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for 2013.

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Nov 28, 2010 · Worcester and vailant boilers are real quality boilers but are the two of the more expensive boilers but have German engineering behind them. I have fitted lots of baxi duotecs also the potter ton promax (same boiler) and I've had no problem. I have also been fitting ideal logic combI and logic + for a while now.

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We are a small heating and plumbing company and have been fitting ideal logic boilers now for a while. First the diverted valve breaks down and on many other occasions water leaks from inside the boiler and causes damage to the customers property, I would advise not to touch any boiler to do with ideal heating Read Full Review

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Ideal Logic Plus 30kw Combi Boiler Review, Or Ideal Boilers is a thriving UK boiler manufacturer that now produce 6,000 boilers per week. And the Ideal Logic Plus 30kw combi boiler is one of the most popular in their whole range. Today we'll discuss the Ideal Logic Plus in detail, comparing it directly to the equivalent Worcester boiler.

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Review of The Ideal Logic Plus 30kw Combi Boiler in detail to ensure you by the right new boiler. For help and advice ring 01535 444800

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Apr 10, 2017 · Hot water output: 30kw (12.3 litres per minute) Ideal for: A 2 – 3 bedroom house or apartment with 6-10 radiators. This boiler will fill a bath and run a high pressure shower (just not at the same time) Guarantee: 8 years (when fitted with Worcester Bosch magnetic central heating filter, by a Worcester Bosch accredited installer)

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Ideal Ideal Logic Heat Only boilers prices are on average £876 (including VAT and without installation) The Ideal Logic Heat is a heat-only boiler available in 12KW, 15KW, 18KW, 24KW and 30KW model sizes. It is available to buy for your home at a price of £876 and benefits from a 2-year warranty on parts and labour.

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11 Nov 2015. Ideal, as one of the UK’s top boiler brands, offer a variety of combi boilers in a range of outputs to suite every home. Our Ideal Combi Boiler Review looks to outline the different boilers available across the range and highlight the differences between each model.

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Installed ideal boilers for over 10 Installed ideal boilers for over 10 years now and overall they are the top of the technology food chain, easy to install , maintain and repair the vogue and logic model have now been around long enough to iron out any niggles .

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Jun 30, 2014 · The Ideal Logic Plus 30 is a condensing gas combination boiler that is able to provide heating and hot water from 1 unit. Thanks to its use of condensing technology, the Ideal Logic + 30 is able to make the most of the heat that it produces, ensuring that premium efficiency levels are met too.

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Apr 30, 2014 · It's adjacent to the filling loop so when your head is under boiler looking at filling loop you can see it . Ideal logic plus can also display system pressure and to on the LCD and tell you way boiler is doing , the last 10 faults and how many days ago those faults occurred. Don't get that on any other boilers!

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System The Logic System range of appliances from Ideal provide a simple and reliable solution for a wide variety of sealed domestic systems. Available in a choice of four outputs – 15, 18, 24 and 30kW, the Logic System provides a dependable and efficient solution for new and replacement installations alike.

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Ideal Logic+ Combi C30 Gas Combi Boiler (6596X) Due to the weight of this item, it may require assistance on delivery. We cannot accept the return of unwanted boilers if the box/packaging has been opened (your statutory rights are not affected).

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The Ideal Logic Plus 30kw System Boiler Review If you really knew how many different kinds of boilers there are, it would blow your mind! 03456 474747 or use the form and we will get straight back to you.

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The output rating of 30 kW this boiler is suitable for larger homes with 2 or more bathrooms and a higher demand for heating and hot water. What options are available? As well as the 30 kW model, the Ideal Logic Max range also includes outputs of 24 kW and 35 kW, so you can be sure to find the right size to suit the heating demands of your home.

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Logic Plus Combi 30kW Gas Boiler: Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Related products. Ideal Vogue GEN2 C32 Combi Gas Boiler

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Buy the Ideal Logic 30kW System Boiler Natural Gas ErP from . We stock a huge range of plumbing and heating products for any installation or budget.

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These boilers are nothing new from the standard ideal practice, low quality parts and metals with big warranties. Ideal currently have a big problem with the condense sump mainly on these heat only models and they are ignoring the problem and screwing their customers/installers.

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Product Description. Our Logic Max range of boilers features a 10 year parts and labour warranty. The entire Logic range is quick and simple to install and fits easily into a standard kitchen cupboard.

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Dec 05, 2018 · Ideal Boiler Reviews Ideal boilers are rated as some of the best on the UK market. Boiler reviews posted by professional installers get excellent ratings. Users on the other hand are hit and miss. Some owners of ideal boilers have left positive reviews about the boilers whilst other complain about the customer service.

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Ideal logic max c30. Ideal logic max c30, It is very noisy boiler I checked on two different db meter and it shows 60db cant sleep because of this crap. Instruction says 46db thats a lie. Already had second service after 10 days of using, told that will be ok now and stil this same. If u like to sleep at night do not buy it. I feel like i the

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The Ideal Logic Max Combi is an ultra-quiet combination boiler that is backed by a fantastic 10-year warranty. Ideal introduced the Logic Max Combi to its boiler range in 2018, making it one of the newest gas condensing combination boilers on the market.

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Hi, I've just been quoted £1350 for an ideal logic plus 30kw installed in my end terrace - 3 big bedrooms, 9 radiators and a shower. I've done some googling and the ideal logic plus got some negativity but all the posts I read are relatively old and in one more recent post I saw, I did see it mentioned that the ideal logic have improved.

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The Logic Plus 30 combi boiler has received a number of positive reviews from both installers and customers. Here’s a few examples of the reviews its received: Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Reader Recommended by Good Housekeeping Magazine in 2013 and 2017

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Which? boiler review. The consumer group Which? review each boiler on the market to find the most (and least) reliable boilers according to a survey completed by thousands of boiler owners. In each review, Which? supply a brand score percentage and star ratings for each category. Take a look at the Ideal Logic Plus 24 combi boiler rating below:

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Apr 11, 2017 · However, it just makes no sense to go for a boiler with a 2-year guarantee, when you can pay around £70 extra and get up to an extra 8 years! Conclusion. I hope you’ve found this blog helpful when comparing the Ideal Logic C30 to the Ideal Logic+ C30.

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Ideal have had some horrendous boilers, however the new logic range are pretty good, and so far have been very reliable. They come with 7 year warranty, made in Britain and are very user friendly. And those suggesting wood, it costs more than gas to run, and installation costs are easily double

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Nov 12, 2013 · ideal logic plus 24 DHW flow rate l/min. 35°C rise 9.9 ideal logic plus 30 DHW flow rate l/min. 35°C rise 12.4 ideal vogue 26 - DHW flow rate l/min. 35°C rise 10.6 i know the ideal logic plus is a great boiler and have seen plenty positive feedback on the forums

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Product Description The Logic Combi condensing gas boiler, designed and manufactured by Ideal, is a reliable boiler that has been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise and Innovation in 2013 and comes recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.

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Ideal Logic+ C30 Combination Boiler Natural Gas ErP. Introducing the New Logic+ C30 combination boiler endorsed by the energy saving trust, compact cupboard fit boiler with a wide range of flueing options, and compatible with a wide range of additional controls including the new OpenTherm controls.

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The Logic+ combi is the flagship range of high efficiency boilers from Ideal. Compact in size, the Logic+ combi provides excellent energy savings making it the perfect choice for a new boiler. As Ideal Diamond Installers, we are the only company in Edinburgh that can offer a 10 year manufacturers warranty on this boiler.

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Read Guest's review of the Ideal Logic Combi 30, 2 of 28 Ideal Logic Combi 30 reviews, & compare with other Boilers at Review Centre

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Since 2010, boilers have become significantly more energy efficient. All boilers have to meet the A-rated guideline or be at least 88% efficient. Boilers Features. Boilers don’t really have any snazzy features and high tech gadgets, what they do have are variable heating controls and settings. These put you in full control of your heating.

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Had a new central heating system fitted with New Logic + Combi 35 boiler. Lasted 10 months! Phoned Ideal fitter came out today and replaced gas switch and other parts. Still not working. Does not carry PCB (circuit board) so has to come back when he has one. Any boiler that breaks down after 10 months is a HEAP OF RUBBISH. DO NOT BUY IDEAL BOILERS.

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Ideal Logic Max Combi C30 Gas Combi Boiler (319FV) Due to the weight of this item, it may require assistance on delivery. We cannot accept the return of unwanted boilers if the box/packaging has been opened (your statutory rights are not affected).

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Mar 25, 2018 · IDEAL LOGIC REVIEW. Ideal logic combi boiler reviews. Today we're going to talk about the Ideal Logic, so I'm going to do a long-term review on the Ideal Logic range of boilers. We've got an Ideal

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Why should you buy the Ideal Logic+ 30kW Combi Boiler? Because the Logic Plus 30kW only heats the water you need on demand, saving you money on your annual energy bill. It also helps the environment, through the efficient use of gas.

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It seems like ideal logic+ does have some good reviews and is better priced than a lot of the so called big brands. I was told by my engineer that vaillant were giving 5/7year warrantys but as they couldn't keep up with them due to too many call outs,they were either writing the boiler off or telling the customer the problem was due to sludge etc (basically worming their way out of fixing the

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ideal logic condensing boiler reviews. Ideal Boilers Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews 2019-5-15 · If you value a good night's sleep, then purchase a quieter Boiler, at least untill the Boffins at Ideal Logic can come up with a much quieter version of their current Motorised valve on this model of Boiler.