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BOILER GAUGE 300 LB. The “Steam Line” RB20 units are designed for steam service to 300WSP. These Gages can be used as Process Steam Gages and Direct Reading Sight Glass for boilers in compliance with A.S.M.E. PG-60. The prism molded into the reflex borosilicate glass on the process side will display black for water, and white for steam.

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High Pressure Glass Code 7740. Duran® borosilicate tubular gage glass is formulated and manufactured for service that requires greater pressure and temperature than standard gage glass, where greater resistance to thermal shock and corrosive attack is required.

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May 18, 2015 · On this edition of the Boiling Point, Ritchie Ware joins shop foreman Jerry Hunley to learn step-by-step how to replace gauge glass. Jerry also explains how to measure the gauge glass for proper

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Clear or Clear High Pressure Gauge Glass. Clear Liquid Level 2500 PSI @ 150°F For Steam, Mica Protected up to 1000 PSI. Clear High Pressure Liquid Level 5000 PSI @ 150°F For Steam, Mica Protected up to 1500 PSI. Width: 1-5/16″, Thickness 11/16″ 1″ Width also available in lengths up to 20″ Reflex Grooved Gauge Glass. Liquid Level 2500 PSI @ 150°F

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The heavy wall tubular gauge glass is suitable for high pressure boilers and tanks. Some tubular gauge glass tubes have a red line to make the liquid level clear for reading. Transparent and reflex gauge glass is the most common gauge glass and applied in industry boilers and pressure tanks to read the liquid level.

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Reflex Level Gauge is available in the range ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 1500, it is particularly suited for low pressure steam boilers, gas liquefaction plants, reactors or storage vessels. The Reflex boiler water level gauge allows light to be absorbed in the liquid space giving a dark appearance and reflected in the gas space, thereby providing a clear indication of the liquid level.


In the Reflex level gauges the level is detected by means of a crystal of the reflection type, ie a crystal with a flat surface and the other prism in contact with the fluid (R25, RD, R50, R100, R160, R250, UOR, UWR, USR, MR25

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Transparent & Reflex Glass is always IN STOCK and ready for Type A High Pressure Gage Glass will tale non-steam pressure up to 5000 psi. Steam Boiler No Mica

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Klinger reflex level gauges are used to indicate the level of liquids in boilers and vessels. Reflex glass (3), is installed between of the centre piece (1) and the cover plate (2).

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Gauge glass are mainly used in boiler of the Steam boiler use water level indication to detect the water level in steam drum. Steam drum usually uses gauge glass as its indicator.

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Tubular Gage Glass, Flat Gage Glass, Sight Glass, Annular Edge Glass, Mica Shields, Gage Glass Washers and Gage Glass Accessories.

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Winton Steam Boiler Gauge Glass With Heat Resistant , Find Complete Details about Winton Steam Boiler Gauge Glass With Heat Resistant,Reflex And Transparent Gauge Glass,Borosilicate Gauge Glass,Heat Resistant from Levels Supplier or Manufacturer-Qingdao Winton Industrial Glass Co., Ltd.

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Start studying 60-Water Columns and Gauge glasses. reflex gage glass In a high pressure horizontal firetube steam boiler, the bottom of the gauge glass should

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Type A, Plain is designed for moderate pressure steam boilers and for liquid level indicators. Type A, High Pressure will take non-steam pressure up to 5000 psi. Type B, Reflex is made for extra ease in locating liquid levels. This gauge glass has vertical prisms extending the full viewing length of the glass. The prism side faces the liquid.

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Find here Gauge Glass, Gage Glass manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Gauge Glass, Gage Glass across India.

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Can be used with temperatures up to 150 degrees F. Steam boiler service up to 425 degrees F. Gauge Glass Valve Accessories. Reflex and Transparent Gauge Glass.

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All Reflex Glasses are 1.3” wide and 0.689” thick, made from Borosilicate glass. These Reflex Glasses have a pressure rating of 500 PSI at 470 degrees. When viewing the portion of the Reflex Glass which no liquid is present (or above the liquid level), the color will appear silver from the light reflecting off the glass.

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Power Engineering 4th Class A2 Chapter 60. STUDY. The water level indicated in a boiler gauge glass is: Transparent and reflex gauge glass is suitable for

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Type A High Pressure Gage Glass will tale non-steam pressure up to 5000 psi. Type B Reflex Gage Glass Designed to use in armored-type liquid level gages, Type-B Reflex Gage Glass is made for extra ease in locating liquid levels. This gage glass has vertical prisms extending the full viewing length of the glass.

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This category contains a variety of steam heating specialty products, including pigtails, gauge glass, gauge glass sets, gauge glass cutters, and a radiator repair tool, among many others.

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A water Gauge/Gage is a device that allows you to measure the liquid level in a vessel to be Visually inspected. Water Gauges /Gages are required by ASME boiler and pressure code on steam boilers, and are also useful in many other applications such as oil in a tank.

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Keystone Steam Supplies offers ‘Gauge Glass Guardian’ (High Temperature/High Pressure resistant Polycarbonate shields) in multiple diameters and lengths as well as full liquid level gauge and replacement tubular reflex and flat sight glass. Keystone Steam Supplies offers full liquid level gauge sets as well as replacement tubular and reflex sight class.

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Reflex Gauge:  Works on the principle of Total Internal Refraction of light through the Reflex glass having grooves giving clear Black and white indication of the level in the vessel. For Steam at 40 bar saturated temp, and other media 40 bar 400 Deg C.

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The reflex prisms are molded and polished to provide a crisp black-silver bi-color indication of the fluid level. As light passes into the reflex glass, if there is fluid present, the light continues through the glass and reflects off the back of the level gage, providing a black color for fluid level regardless of the actual color properties of the process fluid.

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Reflex Level Gauge. Working principle Reflex glass level gauges working principle is based on the light refraction and reflection laws. Reflex glass level gauges use glasses having the face fitted towards the chamber shaped to have prismatic grooves with section angle of 90°.

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The three standard types of gauge glass are listed: Type A, Plain is designed for moderate-pressure steam boilers and liquid level indicators. Type A, High Pressure is controlled to tighter flatness tolerances to be used in higher pressure applications. Type B, Reflex is made for ease in determining liquid levels, especially in clear fluids.

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Marine Boiler must have at least two water level indicator (gauge glass) according to department of trade. Gauge glass is nothing but a water level indicator. It’s top side is in steam side of boiler and bottom side is in water side.

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Reflex Gauge Glass after moulding is subjected to a two-sided polishing and toughening. The very specific glass types, most commonly 4.2 expansion Borosilicate Glass results in products characterized by high mechanical strength and high resistance to alkalis, acids and condensates.

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To be dependent on the valid rules a steam boiler must be provided with one or several directly and/or indirectly level gauges. In a directly level gauge the water level is directly shown through a glass or mica shield.

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We are manufacturing and exporting Boiler Gauge Glasses, Boiler Water Level Gauges all over the world. Models such as Reflex, Transparent, Magnetic types which is used in the Boiler Drums to see the Water/Steam levels.We are expecting enquiry and orders from UAE, Middle East, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines, Maldives, Srilanka, Pakistan.

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Reflex glass level gauges use glasses having the face fitted towards the chamber shaped to have prismatic grooves with section angle of 90°. When in operation, the chamber is filled with liquid in the lower zone and gases or vapors in the upper zone; the liquid level is distinguished by different brightness of the glass in the liquid and in the gas/vapor zone.

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Glass Cutter; Gunmetal Reflex Level Gauges; Gunmetal Reflex Level Gauge Glasses & Gaskets. Reflex Glass; Gasket Sets; 6" Scale Reflex Level Gauge; Gun Metal Test Valves. FIG 55N; FIG 174; Improving Water Level Visibility; Reflex Glasses & Gaskets. Prismatic Reflex Glass. Size A; Size B; Hopkinson Prismatic Gasket Set; Reflex Gaskets. Gaskets

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BONETTI reflex level gauges (Fig. 701) Working principle: The liquid level is distinguished by the different brightness of the reflex glass in the water or in the steam space. in fact, where there is liquid in contact with the glass, the incidental light is refracted to the inside of the gauge and absorbed; in the steam space, the


Reflex level gauges allow the medium to be viewed through a reflex glass: the side of the glass which is exposed to the medium has a prismatic surface, while the other side is smooth.

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A reflex gauge is more complex in construction but can give a clearer distinction between gas (steam) and liquid (water). Instead of containing the media in a glass tube, the gauge consists of a vertically oriented slotted metal body with a strong glass plate mounted on the open side of the slot facing the operator.

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Guide to the Steam Boiler Sight Glass. The steam boiler sight glass or water level gauge allows the building owner or maintenance person to monitor the required water level in the steam boiler. A mark on the boiler body indicates the desired normal water level and a sight glass shows the current water level. [Click to enlarge any image]

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Cleaning Glass in Steam Service Proper cleaning and maintenance of flat glass gages in steam service is vital for enhanced performance and service life. The gage glass must be kept clean to ensure the visible water level in the chamber accurately represents the water level in the boiler. Note that the

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The Gauge Glass is fitted to your boiler's gauge frame to allow the boiler water level to be seen. This clear glass gauge is 12 in. x 5/8 in. The orifices and glass will develop lime over time and need preventative maintenance cleaning or replacement.

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650R Reflex Gauge Aquarian 650R Reflex Gauge is rated for 975psi (350psi/24 Bar for steam) and provides excellent visibility of liquid level. Light refracting grooves in the glass cause the liquid to appear black and steam to appear white.